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Vibrant outdoors inspired art

Thanks for visiting StuART.  My work is inspired by cycling and getting outdoors and has a strong graphic illustrative style - I describe it as 'Vibrant Realism with an Edge!'

Have a look through the 'StuART Gallery' to get a sense of all the work I create, or click through to 'BikeART' or 'Vibrant Views'.

I regularly add new creations (scroll down for the latest additions), so keep coming back to see what's new! 

You can buy online or contact me directly to see stuff in real life!

I welcome the challenge of personal commissions, if this is of interest to you, please call to discuss, the process is outlined on the 'Commissions' tab.

If anything is of interest please get in touch via phone or email (see below) or through the form on the 'Contact' tab.


NEW!! Latest additions from the StuDIO

The inspiration keeps flowing - these are some of my most recent pieces...