Bespoke Commissions from StuART

Get the picture that you really want

A commission is the best way to get the perfect image for 'your space'.  Only you know the image you want, you know the colours you like and in particular the size and style can be detailed.

By engaging in a commission, we work together on some draft sketches based on photographs of the subject (or we go and ride it together!) and agree the scope of work and a price.

Prices will vary with scale and complexity and  would be c. 20% premium to a currently available piece of a similar size and style.

I will then start work, keeping you updated on progress and consulting on specific details as ideas naturally develop.

Take a look below at some of the pieces that have been commissioned or sold.

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The StuART Commission process


1. We define together what you want

You may have a detailed idea or just a guide, together we will define want you want, thinking about colours, size, style to really make your space sing!

2. StuART develops a design scamp

I get my felt tips out and draw out what your commission could be like, we work this until we have a plan we are happy with, agree a price and then I set to work

3. Let work commence...

I'll develop the piece(s) keeping you updated with pictures so that we can always make changes if we need to - I always encourage feedback!

4. Final sign off

When I think we are complete I will check in that you are happy before final finishing

5. Delivery (& Hanging)

I'll get the pieces couriered or deliver them personally, if you need help with hanging I can always help with that too.

6. Sit back and enjoy it...

Admire your special, bespoke, one of a kind masterpiece


Inspiration from previous commissions & sales