StuART's Vibrant Perspective

Thought partner and mentor support to Senior Leaders

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The more senior you become the lonelier it gets!


'Vibrant Perspective' is a tailored package where I support you as your...

Sounding board

A safe listening ear for unloading the pressures and frustrations

Thought Partner

I am an objective outsider to bounce, test  and build ideas

Objective Challenger

Team members or peers often tell us what we want to hear - I will listen to your plans and ask pertinent questions to challenge you and your thinking appropriately.

Accountability Partner

Creating a plan is easy, delivering on it can be mch more challenging - I will hold you to account to delivering what you said you would do or find out what is getting in the way of making it happen

Mentor & Advisor

Share tools, approaches & methodologies based on my experience and expertise to build your capability



What's the cost?

Most clients opt for a monthly package of 2 x 90min calls (virtual or F2F) with follow up summary & unlimited text support in between.  This is a cost of £675 per month.

But we can tailor to your specific needs - if it sounds useful let's set up a free intro session to understand your needs and check that we work well together.

Call me on 07796 316300 or email to discuss further.